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Candy on Halloween? Yes, Please!

So I know I’m supposed to encourage everyone to make healthy choices, including eating well. But I have a confession to make: on Halloween, I eat as much candy as I want. None of this “I’ll just have one piece,

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Boston in the Fall

I know that there are crazy people who profess that they enjoy winter. I don’t think they’ve ever lived through a winter in Boston. My favorite season, by far, is summer, when fresh food is varied and abundant, it’s fun

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Stress Relief

Running is my primary method of relieving stress—working up a sweat, being outdoors, and having quiet time to myself all seem to evaporate tension and help me reframe my perspective in a way that other forms of exercise don’t seem

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Your Presence Is My Present

Have you seen this phrase before? It’s frequently used on invitations as a nicer way of saying “no gifts.” And in celebrating my birthday this past week, it was absolutely true for me. Dan and I moved to Boston about

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My CSA: A Love-Hate Relationship

Okay, hate is much too strong a word, but as wonderful as my CSA (community-supported agriculture) share has been this year, I do have some frustrations. First, let me expound upon the many ways I love my CSA: 1) I

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