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Groundhog Day

Good old Punxsutawney Phil will make his annual appearance on Thursday, and while I’m usually ready to burst into tears if he sees his shadow (indicating that winter weather will continue for six more weeks), this year we’ve had a

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Do Celebrities Make Good Health Role Models?

My answer: It depends. Obviously, there are plenty of celebrities who engage in all manner of self-destructive behaviors—ranging from addiction problems to extreme diets—that you would never want to emulate. But there are also a whole slew of celebrities who

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Paula Deen’s Diabetes Diagnosis

First, is anyone really surprised by Paula Deen’s revelation that she has type 2 diabetes? Assuming she eats what she cooks, the woman has been courting disaster for years. That said, she is charming, gracious, smart, and hilarious, and I

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Meatless Meal Ideas

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat more healthfully, a great way to start is to make at least one of your meals each week without meat. In my book, I talk about the anti-aging benefits of

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It’s a New Year: To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

I have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, the changing of the calendar represents a fresh start, a chance to evaluate the last year and refocus on what really matters to you going forward. (Being careful, of

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