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Move More, Live Longer

Another study has confirmed that being active can add years to your life. This particular study, published Tuesday in PLOS Medicine, looked at leisure-time physical activity, which means recreational exercise as opposed to activities like taking the stairs or running

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Another Reason to Get up and Move!

A new study in the American Journal of Kidney Disease has linked being a couch potato to increased risk of chronic kidney disease. Prolonged sitting also boosts your risk of developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other blood

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Why Diet Matters More than Exercise for Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to eat less and move more, but it’s not a 50-50 equation—you’ll drop more pounds by paying closer attention to your diet than you will by increasing your exercise. That’s partly because

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Exercising Safely in Heat and Humidity

With June (the unofficial start of summer—yay!) just around the corner and a wave of humidity hitting Boston, I’ve found myself sweating more than usual when I exercise. And it’s only going to get warmer from here. Exercising outside is

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How to Gain Weight Healthfully

Whether you are genetically underweight (have a BMI below 18.5), have a medical condition that makes it difficult to stay at a healthy weight, need to gain pounds during pregnancy, or would simply like to add lean muscle mass, putting

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Is Your Commute Killing You?

How’s that for a sensational headline? Perhaps more accurate is what Bill Briggs wrote in his MSNBC article on the topic: “…new science suggests your sluggish slog from home to work (and back again) is slowly sucking the life out

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Back on the Road

I’ve got running on the brain, what with the Boston Marathon yesterday and my first attempt at jogging this morning. Yes, you read that right—I’m back on the road! I had my final physical therapy appointment yesterday for my foot,

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Are You at Risk for Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in America today—chances are, even if you don’t have it, you know several people who do. Diabetes is also largely preventable, and the first step to preventing it is to

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Stress Relief

Running is my primary method of relieving stress—working up a sweat, being outdoors, and having quiet time to myself all seem to evaporate tension and help me reframe my perspective in a way that other forms of exercise don’t seem

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