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Multivitamins: To Take, or Not to Take?

My observant brother texted me this week asking what is the deal with multivitamins: Following a barrage of negative studies in the last few years suggesting that they may not provide any health benefit, and may even increase risk of

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Want to Live Longer? Eat Less Red Meat.

A study published yesterday in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that eating too much red meat can shorten your lifespan. Now, red meat has had a bad reputation for a while (blame its saturated fat and cholesterol content, which

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What are your views on the recent recommendation that everyone should reduce their sodium intake to 2/3 of a teaspoon (the current limit for high-risk Americans)?

Consuming too much sodium can harm your health (and speed aging) in several ways, including weakening your bones, increasing your blood pressure (and, by extension, your risk of cardiovascular disease), and putting you at higher risk for kidney problems. And

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