For Those of Us Who Haven’t Gone to Cooking School…

I recently spoke with Sybil Kramer, MD, an endocrinologist in private practice in Melrose, MA, about the most common struggle facing her patients with diabetes: how to prepare healthy foods, whether they are trying to make favorite dishes lighter or are learning to cook with new ingredients and techniques. In response, she has created a series of cooking videos that feature her daughter, Tova, preparing healthy, delicious, and easy recipes that are ideal for people keeping tabs on their blood sugar (including people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and other blood sugar disorders, plus people generally trying to eat healthier). Dr. Kramer said that she and Tova have a few criteria when selecting recipes, besides their effect on blood sugar: they must taste good, and Tova must be able to prepare them on camera without any rehearsal other than having read through the recipe beforehand.
Divided into sections for breakfast, appetizers and side dishes, entrees, desserts, and snacks, the recipes cover an impressive range of dishes from all over the world, including familiar favorites and some that might be completely new to you. Interested? The videos, along with other nutrition and lifestyle advice for people with diabetes, are available at
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