Back on the Road

I’ve got running on the brain, what with the Boston Marathon yesterday and my first attempt at jogging this morning. Yes, you read that right—I’m back on the road!
I had my final physical therapy appointment yesterday for my foot, and my therapist released me with his blessing to start running again. Oh happy day! He cautioned me to start with just 5 to 10 minutes of jogging, and to walk the rest of the time. So I gave it a shot this morning, and it felt soooo good! My foot is a little tired, but I’m confident that if I keep up with my exercises and stretches, I can gradually increase my time/mileage without injury. What a shift from six months ago, when I was beginning to despair I’d never be able to run again! I just noticed how many exclamation points I’ve used in this post so far. Can you tell I’m excited?
I must give credit to the awesome team at McGovern Physical Therapy Associates in Malden, MA. They were great at not only crafting a training plan for me, but also explaining the mechanics of why I was having problems and what I need to do to prevent injury going forward. If you happen to be dealing with a nagging injury, I can’t encourage you enough to see a physical therapist. A personal trainer affiliated with a gym can also be a good option, but be sure you check their certification—someone who’s only done an online program with no hands-on instruction may end up doing more harm than good. Happy exercising!
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