Shopping Guide: Foods Low in Saturated Fat and Sodium

Another reader question: What can you eat that is lower in saturated fat AND sodium? Seems like when they lower saturated fat they add sodium.
It’s not your imagination—when food manufacturers lower the fat in their products, they often increase the sodiumto enhance the flavor and trick your taste buds into not missing the fat. But there are plenty of low-sodium, low-in-saturated-fat foods on your grocer’s shelves. Some of my favorite magazines run annual lists of healthy foods, and I’m including the links to their most recent lists here to get you started. And remember that you can’t go wrong with fresh, whole foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and legumes. Low-fat or nonfat dairy products are also a good option (just watch for added sugar). Check out other posts on my blog for some of my favorite healthy snacks and meatless meal ideas, all of which are low in both sodium and saturated fat.
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